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There are numerous ways for you to get points, you can also buy them if your in a hurry to grab an item.

Buy The Launch Express Points:

You can purchase TLE Points on the form below If you want to kick-start your account. However, remember you can also earn TLE Points free in a variety of ways. Simply select the number of points you would like each TLE Point = $1 and click Buy Now.

Note: Quantity will always show as 1 on PayPal

There Are Numerous Ways For You To Earn PST Points:

25% Back On Purchases

Whenever you pick up a product i recommend, not only will you get the huge bonus package i put together for the product you will also get a whopping 25% of the purchase price back in points.

Watching Videos

I wanted to find a way to reward you for taking the time to watch the videos i create. So i will be giving you 1 Point just for watching a video. Remember the average template is just 10 Points

Reading Emails

Just for taking the time to read my e-mails you can earn points. Simply answer a question about the email i sent and you will be credited with 0.5 Points on your account.

Clicking Links

From time to time i recommend products that will benefit most of you. However some products i recommend might not work for you in your niche. So just for taking the time to look i will be giving you 0.05  Points

Daily Site Visits

If you can take the time out to come and visit the vault every day then i want to reward you for that. So every day that you visit the vault, you will automatically be credited 0.1  Points to your account.

Logging In

Simply login once a month to be credited with 1 point on your account.

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